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International Championshps of the Ruhr-Area


Alternated between Essen and Duisburg. There were no Championships in 1962 and 1964-66.
  1929  Kuhlmann Sr, Fritz
  1950  von Cramm, Freiherr Gottfried Alexander Maximilian Walter Kurt
  1953  Branovic, Milan (Misko)
  1954  Bergelin, Lennart
  1956  Arkinstall, Jack
  1957  Huber, Rupert
  1958  Brichant, Jacques (Jackie)
  1959  Brichant, Jacques (Jackie)
  1960  Stuck, Wolfgang
  1961  Phillips-Moore, Barry
  1963  Bungert, Wilhelm Paul
  1967  Weinmann, Bernd

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