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Tournaments - O

   Bloemfontein  (South Africa)
   Orange Free State Championships (OFS)
   Montpellier  (France)
   Open Sud du France
   O.W. Adams  (United States of America)
   O'Keefe International Invitation  (Canada)
   O'Keefe Professional  (Canada)
   Oahu Open  (United States of America)
   Oakland City  (United States of America)
   Oakland Pros  (United States of America)
   Oakville Invitation  (Canada)
   Oberstdorf  (Germany)
   Occident  (Colombia)
   Ohio Hardcourts  (United States of America)
   Ohio Invitation  (United States of America)
   Ohio State Championships  (United States of America)
   Ohio State Clay Courts  (United States of America)
   Ohio Valley  (United States of America)
   Ojai Championships  (United States of America)
   Ojai Valley
   Oklahoma Indoor Open  (United States of America)
   Oklahoma Pros  (United States of America)
   Oklahoma State  (United States of America)
   Oklahoma State Closed  (United States of America)
   Old Dominion Championship  (United States of America)
   Olomouc  (Czechoslovakia)
   Olympic Exhibition
   Olympic Peninsula  (United States of America)
   Olympics Indoor
   Olympics, Olympic Games
   Olympic summer games
   Omaha City  (United States of America)
   Omaha City b  (United States of America)
   Omaha International  (United States of America)
   Ontario California  (United States of America)
   Ontario Centennial  (Canada)
   Ontario Championships  (Canada)
   Ontario Indoor Championships  (Canada)
   Oostende  (Belgium)
   Opatija International  (Yugoslavia)
   Opel Pro Championships  (Sweden)
   Open 13  (France)
   Open de Nice Côte d’Azur  (France)
   Oradea  (Romania)
   Oran  (Algeria)
   Orange Free State b  (South Africa)
   Orange Invitation  (United States of America)
   Orange LTC open
   Orange Spring Tournament  (United States of America)
   Oregon State Championships  (United States of America)
   Oregon State Indoor Invitation  (United States of America)
   Orient Championship  (Philippines)
   Championship of the Orient
   Orlando Professional Championships  (United States of America)
   Ormond Beach Labor Day  (United States of America)
   Ortisei  (Italy)
   Oslo International  (Norway)
   Norwegian Open
   Oslo International Hard Court Championships  (Norway)
   Oslo vs. Goteborg  (Norway)
   Osnabrück  (Germany)
   Championships of Lower-Saxony
   Ostend Easter  (Belgium)
   Ostend Professional Round Robin  (Belgium)
   Ostmark Championships  (Austria)
   Ostrava  (Czechoslovakia)
   Liberation Cup
   Otago Tournament  (New Zealand)
   Ottawa City and District  (Canada)
   Ottumwa Open  (United States of America)
   Oudja  (Morocco)
   Oviedo  (Spain)
   Owen Cook Aloha Classic  (United States of America)
   Oxford and Cambridge Challenge Cup  (England)
   Oxford University Tournament  (England)
   Oyster Harbors Invitation Tournament  (United States of America)
   Ozark Invitation  (United States of America)

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