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Tournaments - L

   Bodensee  (Germany)
   Lake Constance
   Craigside  (Wales)
   Knokke Le Zoute  (Belgium)
   Le Zoute
   La Baule  (France)
   Coupe D'Or
   La Baule 2nd meeting  (France)
   La Baule September  (France)
   La Baulle Professionals  (France)
   La Chataigneraie  (France)
   La Corogne  (France)
   La Coruna  (Spain)
   La Costa Invitation  (United States of America)
   La Exposicion Anniversary  (Peru)
   La Jolla Exhibition  (United States of America)
   La Jolla Summer Tournament  (United States of America)
   La Jolla Tournament  (United States of America)
   La Paz Round Robin  (Bolivia)
   La Rasante International  (Belgium)
   La Rochelle  (France)
   La Ville D'Enghien  (France)
   Lübeck  (Germany)
   Lac Léman Championships  (Switzerland)
   Lacco Ameno  (Italy)
   Lago Mar Invitation  (United States of America)
   Lahti  (Finland)
   Lake Erie Open  (United States of America)
   Lake Mohonk Invitation  (United States of America)
   Lake Placid  (United States of America)
   Lake Shore Championship  (United States of America)
   Lake Superior VASSS  (United States of America)
   Lake Worth  (United States of America)
   Spring open
   Lakeland Open Championships  (United States of America)
   Lakewood Lakes Invitation  (United States of America)
   Lamar Tech Invitation  (United States of America)
   Lansdowne LTC championships  (Ireland)
   Lappeenranta  (Finland)
   Larson Park  (United States of America)
   Las Palmas  (Spain)
   Launceston  (England)
   Lausanne  (Switzerland)
   Lausanne Autumn Meeting  (Switzerland)
   Lausanne Sports  (Switzerland)
   Le Havre  (France)
   Le Mans  (France)
   Le Touquet  (France)
   Le Touquet - Under 23's  (France)
   Le Touquet August  (France)
   Le Touquet July Meeting  (France)
   Le Touquet Second Meeting  (France)
   Leamington  (England)
   Warwickshire Championships
   Leaside Invitation  (Canada)
   Lebanon International Championship  (Lebanon)
   Beirut International
   Lebanon National Championships  (Lebanon)
   Lebanon vs. Greece  (Lebanon)
   Lebanon vs. UAR  (Lebanon)
   Lee-on-Solent  (England)
   Leicester  (England)
   Leicesterhire Championships  (England)
   Leipzig  (Germany)
   Championships of Saxony
   Lemkus Professional  (South Africa)
   Leningrad Championships  (USSR)
   Lenox Tournament  (United States of America)
   Les Avants  (Switzerland)
   Les Diablerts  (Switzerland)
   Les Petites Dalles  (France)
   Lesa  (Italy)
   Lambertenghi Trophy
   Leuven  (Belgium)
   Leverkusen International  (Germany)
   Libby Open  (United States of America)
   Liberian Nationals  (Liberia)
   Liberian UTA Cup  (Liberia)
   Liberton  (Scotland)
   Lichfield  (England)
   Lille  (France)
   Nord cup
   Lima International  (Peru)
   Lima Pro  (Peru)
   Limerick  (Ireland)
   Limoges  (France)
   Lincolnshire Championship  (England)
   Linz  (Austria)
   Lisboa (Lisbon)  (Portugal)
   Lisboa New Years Tournament  (Portugal)
   Estoril Indoor
   Little Rock Exhibition  (United States of America)
   Livermore Open  (United States of America)
   Liverpool Cricket Club Tournament  (England)
   Livorno  (Italy)
   Ljubljana  (Yugoslavia)
   Llanelly  (Great Britain)
   Locarno  (Switzerland)
   Lodi Indoors  (United States of America)
   Logan Club Invitation  (United States of America)
   Lohja  (Finland)
   London Athletic Club  (England)
   London Hard Courts  (England)
   London Indoor Professionals  (Great Britain)
   London Indoor Professionals Consolation  (Great Britain)
   London Professional Championships  (Great Britain)
   London vs. Paris  (France)
   London vs. Paris - under 23's  (France)
   London WCT  (England)
   Rothman International
   Long Beach (New Jersey)  (United States of America)
   Long Beach Open  (United States of America)
   Long Beach Championships
   Long Island Championships  (United States of America)
   Long Island Indoor  (United States of America)
   Long Island Masters  (United States of America)
   Longwood Tournament  (United States of America)
   Eastern Championships
   Los Altos Hills Pro Championships  (United States of America)
   Los Angeles Industrial  (United States of America)
   Los Angeles Inernational  (United States of America)
   Los Angeles Metropolitan  (United States of America)
   Los Angeles Professional Championships  (United States of America)
   Los Angeles Public Parks  (United States of America)
   Los Gatos  (United States of America)
   Los Monteros Easter  (Spain)
   Loudoun  (United States of America)
   Louisiana State Championships  (United States of America)
   Louisiana State Open  (United States of America)
   Louisville Country Club Invitation  (United States of America)
   Louisville Open  (United States of America)
   Louisville WCT
   Louisville Winter  (United States of America)
   Lower Rhine Championships  (Germany)
   Lower Rhine Indoor Championships  (Germany)
   Lower Saxony Closed Championships  (Germany)
   Lower Saxony Indoor Championships  (Germany)
   Lowestoft  (England)
   Lowther  (England)
   Luchon  (France)
   Lucknow  (India)
   Lugano  (Switzerland)
   Lugano Lido Night Tournament  (Switzerland)
   Lugano Lido Summer  (Switzerland)
   Lugano Lido Tournament  (Switzerland)
   Luxembourg Nationals  (Luxemburg)
   Luzern  (Switzerland)
   Luzern Spring  (Switzerland)
   Lyon  (France)
   Tennis Club de Lyon
   Lyon (Winter)  (France)
   Lyon Covered Court Championships  (France)
   Coupe Georges Cozon (since 1948)
   Lyon Covered Courts - Under 23  (France)
   Coupe Cozon - Under 23
   Lyon International  (France)
   Lyon invitation  (France)
   Lyon Open  (France)
   Lyon Professional  (France)
   Lys International Grass Championships  (France)
   Lysekil  (Sweden)
   Ostrava  (Czechoslovakia)
   Liberation Cup
   Queens Covered Court Championships  (England)
   London Covered Court Championships
   South of Ireland Championships  (Ireland)
   Limerick Cup
   Tournoi Du 14 Juillet  (France)
   Venezia (Venice International Tournament)  (Italy)
   Washington DC  (United States of America)
   Legg Mason Tennis Classic

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