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Tournaments - K

   Athena (Athens)  (Greece)
   King George of Greece cup
   Brooklyn  (United States of America)
   Knickerbocker T.C. Invitation
   Cologne International  (Germany)
   Concord Indoor Championships  (United States of America)
   Kiamesha Lake
   Hythe  (England)
   Kent Coast Championships
   Königsberg  (Germany)
   Championships of Eastern Prussia
   Kalamazoo Valley Invitation  (United States of America)
   Kampala  (Uganda)
   Kansas City Closed  (United States of America)
   Kansas City International Indoor  (United States of America)
   Kansas City Labor Day  (United States of America)
   Kansas City Open  (United States of America)
   Kansas City Vass Championships  (United States of America)
   Kansas Closed Labor Day  (United States of America)
   Kansas Open  (United States of America)
   Kansas State Championships  (United States of America)
   Karachi  (Pakistan)
   Karlhula  (Finland)
   Karlsbad  (Austria)
   Karlsbad 2nd meeting  (Austria)
   Kassel  (Germany)
   Katowice  (Poland)
   Kebo Valley (Bar Harbor)  (United States of America)
   Mossley Hall Challence Cup
   Kelantan Championships  (Malaysia)
   Kemptown  (England)
   Kennebunk Invitation  (United States of America)
   River Club Invitation
   Kent Championships  (England)
   Kentucky State Tournament  (United States of America)
   Kentworth Invitation  (United States of America)
   Kenya International Championships  (Kenya)
   Kenya Invitation  (Kenya)
   Kenya Nationals  (Kenya)
   Keokuk Invitation  (United States of America)
   Keswick Hardcourts  (England)
   Key City Open  (United States of America)
   Keystone State  (United States of America)
   Khartoum  (Sudan)
   Killington  (United States of America)
   Kimberley Pros  (South Africa)
   King's Cup - First Round a
   King's Cup - First Round b
   King's Cup - Quarter Final a
   King's Cup - Quarter Final b
   King's Cup - Quarter Final c
   King's Cup - Quarter Final d
   King's Cup - Second Round e
   King's Cup - Second Round f
   King's Cup - Semi-Final a
   King's Cup - Semi-Final b
   King's Cup - Consolation -Third Place
   King's Cup - Final
   King's Cup - First Round
   King's Cup - First Round c
   King's Cup - First Round d
   King's Cup - Second Round a
   King's Cup - Second Round b
   King's Cup - Second Round c
   King's Cup - Second Round d
   King's Cup Handicap  (Sweden)
   King’s County and Ormonde Tournament   (Ireland)
   Midland Counties Championships
   Kings Park  (Australia)
   Kingston Hard Courts  (Jamaica)
   Kingston International Invitation  (Jamaica)
   St. Andrew's Invitation
   Kingstown  (Great Britain)
   Kirkwood Open  (United States of America)
   Kisumu  (Kenya)
   Kitzbühel  (Austria)
   Alpenlandpokal/Coupe des Alpes
   Kitzbühel - Consolation  (Austria)
   Kitzbühel Pros  (Austria)
   Klamovka Indoors  (Czechoslovakia)
   Klipper Hamburg  (Germany)
   Klosters International  (Switzerland)
   Knokke Le Zoute  (Belgium)
   Le Zoute
   Knokke Le Zoute Professionals  (Belgium)
   Knoxville Invitation  (United States of America)
   Koshien Invitation Tournament  (Japan)
   Kotka Clay Courts  (Finland)
   Kozy Open  (United States of America)
   Kraków  (Poland)
   Kramer Cup  (Spain)
   Kramer Tournament of Champions  (United States of America)
   Krefeld  (Germany)
   Kremlin Cup  (Russia)
   Kuala Lumpur  (Malaysia)
   Kulm Carlton  (Switzerland)
   Nairobi championships  (Kenya)

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