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Tournaments - J

   Jacksonville Indoor  (United States of America)
   Jacksonville Invitation  (United States of America)
   Jacksonville Invitation b  (United States of America)
   Jaipur  (India)
   Jamaica  (Jamaica)
   Jamaica BWI  (Jamaica)
   Jamaican International Championships  (Jamaica)
   James E. Cryan Invitation  (United States of America)
   Janesville-Parker Open  (United States of America)
   Japan International Championships  (Japan)
   Japan Nationals  (Japan)
   Japan Open  (Japan)
   Japan Professional Championships  (Japan)
   Japan vs. Australia Test Matches  (Australia)
   Japan vs. Austria Exhibition  (Austria)
   Japan vs. Java Exhibitions  (Indonesia)
   Japanese Intercollegiate Indoors  (Japan)
   Japanese Team Competitions  (Japan)
   Jayhawk  (United States of America)
   Jericho  (United States of America)
   Jerusalem Invitation  (Israel)
   Johannesburg  (South Africa)
   Witwatersrand cup
   Johannesburg Invitation  (South Africa)
   Hulett`s Invitation
   Johannesburg Pros  (South Africa)
   John Player Challenge Trophy  (Great Britain)
   John Player Round Robin  (Great Britain)
   Juan Les Pins a  (France)
   Juan Les Pins Summer  (France)
   Juan-Les-Pins  (France)
   Jug End Open  (United States of America)
   Juist Spa Second Meeting  (Germany)
   Juist Spa Tournament  (Germany)
   Jungle Invitation  (United States of America)

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