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Tournaments - H

   Auckland   (New Zealand)
   Heineken Open; New Zealand Invitation
   Cuba International Invitation Tournament  (Cuba)
   Havana International
   H.I.K. International  (Denmark)
   H.I.K. Tournament b  (Denmark)
   H.V.S. Championships  (Finland)
   H.V.S. Indoors  (Finland)
   Haarlem  (The Netherlands)
   Haddonwood Indoors  (United States of America)
   Hagert Bowl  (Finland)
   Hahnenklee  (Germany)
   Haifa Invitation  (Israel)
   Carmel Open
   Hainz memorial  (Czechoslovakia)
   Haitian Championships  (Haiti)
   Halifax County Tournament  (Canada)
   Halifax UK  (England)
   Hall of Fame Championships   (United States of America)
   Halle  (Germany)
   Halle an der Saale  (German Democratic Republik)
   Hamburg  (Germany)
   Hamburg Closed Championships  (Germany)
   Hamburg Closed Indoor Championships  (Germany)
   Hamburg Elbe  (Germany)
   Hamilton Indoor Invitation  (Canada)
   Hamilton Ontario Open  (Canada)
   Hamilton Thistle
   Hamilton Park  (United States of America)
   Hampshire Championships  (England)
   Hampton   (United States of America)
   Hampton Recreation International  (United States of America)
   Hanko  (Finland)
   Hanover International  (Germany)
   Hanover Pro Championships  (Germany)
   Donnay Professional Tournament
   Happy Acres Open  (United States of America)
   Harbor Club Invitation  (United States of America)
   Hardscrabble Invitation  (United States of America)
   Harlingen Easter Open  (United States of America)
   Harlingen Labor Day  (United States of America)
   Harmonia Club de Sao Paulo  (Brazil)
   Harpenden  (England)
   Harrisburg  (United States of America)
   Harrogate  (England)
   Hartford  (United States of America)
   Hartzburg  (Germany)
   Harvestehude  (Germany)
   Hamburg Spring Tournament
   Hastings and St. Leonard's on Sea  (England)
   Havant  (England)
   Hawaii Masters  (United States of America)
   Hawaii Masters Amateur  (United States of America)
   Hawaii Professional Championships  (United States of America)
   Hawaii Sectional  (United States of America)
   Hawaii State Championships  (United States of America)
   Hawaii Tennis Patrons  (United States of America)
   Hawaii VASS Championships  (United States of America)
   Hawaii vs. Tahiti  (United States of America)
   Hawaiian Davis Cup Classic  (United States of America)
   Hawaiian Open  (United States of America)
   Hawaiian Public Parks  (United States of America)
   Hawke's Bay  (New Zealand)
   Hawkeye Championships  (United States of America)
   Heart of America  (United States of America)
   Heaton Bradford  (Great Britain)
   Heilbronn  (Germany)
   Heiligendammer Cup  (Germany)
   Heironimus Invitation  (United States of America)
   Heliolido Open  (Egypt)
   Heliopolis Open  (Egypt)
   Heliopolis Sporting Club
   Helmstedt  (Germany)
   Helsinki Closed  (Finland)
   Helsinki Covered Courts  (Finland)
   Helsinki International  (Finland)
   H.V.S. International
   Helsinki Pros  (Finland)
   Hendon  (England)
   Henley Hard courts Autumn Meeting  (England)
   Phyllis Court Autumn
   Henley Hard Courts Spring Meeting  (Great Britain)
   Phyllis Court Spring
   Henley-On-Thames  (England)
   Henryetta Labor Day  (United States of America)
   Herald and News  (United States of America)
   Herga Club  (England)
   Heringsdorf  (Germany)
   Herkimer County  (United States of America)
   Herrenalb  (Germany)
   Herrsching  (Germany)
   Hershey Seaboard  (United States of America)
   Hertfordshire and North Middlesex  (England)
   Hessian Championships  (Germany)
   Hessian Indoor Championships  (Germany)
   Hialeah Invitation  (United States of America)
   Hibbing Open  (United States of America)
   High Point City  (United States of America)
   Hillcrest Invitational Tournament  (United States of America)
   Hiller Highlands County Club  (United States of America)
   Hilversum  (The Netherlands)
   Hinterzarten  (Germany)
   Hispano-American  (United States of America)
   Hitchin  (England)
   Hobart Open  (Australia)
   Tasmanian Open
   Holani Pro-Am Invitation  (United States of America)
   Hollywood Beach Invitation  (United States of America)
   Hollywood Florida  (United States of America)
   Shamrock Championships; Diplomat Invitation
   Hollywood Pro Challenge Cup  (United States of America)
   Hollywood Pro Challenge Cup b  (United States of America)
   Homburg  (Germany)
   Homburg cup
   Homburg Coronation Cup  (Germany)
   Homburg International Championship  (Germany)
   Hong Kong Championships  (Hong Kong)
   Hong Kong Hard Courts  (Hong Kong)
   Hong Kong National Grass Courts  (Hong Kong)
   Hong Kong Open  (Hong Kong)
   Horn in the West  (United States of America)
   Hossegor  (France)
   Hot Springs Fall Tournament  (United States of America)
   Hot Springs Invitation Tournament  (United States of America)
   Homestead Invitation
   Hotel de Coronado  (United States of America)
   Hotel Del Mar  (United States of America)
   Hotel Nautilus  (United States of America)
   Houlgate  (France)
   Houndiscombe  (England)
   Houston Bankers and Lawyers  (United States of America)
   Houston City Championships  (United States of America)
   Houston Fall Festival  (United States of America)
   Houston Fourth of July  (United States of America)
   Houston Open  (United States of America)
   Houston Open - Men's (Second Tier)  (United States of America)
   Houston Pro Championships  (United States of America)
   Houston T.A.A.F  (United States of America)
   Texas Amateur Athletic Federation - Houston
   Howard Hughes Open  (United States of America)
   Howard Hughes Pro Invitation  (United States of America)
   Howth  (Ireland)
   East of Ireland
   Hoylake & West Kirby  (England)
   Huddersfield  (England)
   Hudson County  (United States of America)
   Hudson River Championships  (United States of America)
   Hudson Valley  (United States of America)
   Hull  (England)
   Hull Westbourne Avenue  (England)
   Humboldt County Indoors  (United States of America)
   Hungarian Covered Courts  (Hungary)
   Hungarian International Championships  (Hungary)
   Hungarian International Championships b  (Hungary)
   Hungarian International Covered Courts  (Hungary)
   Hungarian National Championships  (Hungary)
   Hungarian Open  (Hungary)
   Hungary Championships -Nyiregyhaza  (Hungary)
   Hunstanton  (Great Britain)
   Huntington Valley Country Club  (United States of America)
   Huntsville Open  (United States of America)
   Husky Classic  (United States of America)
   Hy√®res  (France)
   Hyde Park Country Club  (United States of America)
   Hyde Park Covered Courts  (England)
   Hyderabad  (India)
   Hythe  (England)
   Kent Coast Championships
   Johannesburg Invitation  (South Africa)
   Hulett`s Invitation
   London Hard Courts  (England)
   Macomber Cup - Monte Carlo 23's  (Monaco)
   Hussein-Pacha Cup
   New Britain  (United States of America)
   Hardware City Invitation
   Queens Club Halifax  (Canada)
   Rahlstedt  (Germany)
   Hamburg Whitsun Tournament
   WCT-Miami  (United States of America)
   Hollywood-Saga Bay

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